Spookify Your Season with Halloween Flowers

Are you also wondering about this year’s Halloween decoration theme? Well, have you given flowers a thought? No? Well, maybe you should. Flowers go well with every décor and event, so why not Halloween! Here are some ways you can spookify your holiday with the best flowers in Beverly Hills.

Halloween Flowers


1. Pumpkin Vases

Pumpkin carving goes hand in hand with Halloween, and it’s a decoration everyone has come to expect when they arrive at a Halloween party.

Why not go the extra mile with your carved pumpkin this year and use it as a vase? A pumpkin vase is easy to create and makes a beautiful centerpiece that will attract compliments from your guests. Carve out a hole in the top, and voila, you have yourself a vase. In terms of flowers, I suggest wildflowers with diverse textures and fiery colors.

2. Neutral Tones with Dark Touches 

Your entire house doesn’t need to be decorated in orange to create a spooky Halloween event. Instead, make your party memorable by styling the space in neutral tones with metallic accents and dashes of color here and there. Use contrast tones such as black and white to create a chic yet mysterious feel. A largely colorless, understated theme makes colors pop. Picture your pumpkin vase centerpiece atop a black or white table runner, a simple yet impressive design.

3. Day of the Dead Décor

The perfect way to add a burst of color into the space while keeping to the Halloween theme is through the day of the dead décor. Whether it’s a sugar skull cushion, ceramic skull, a framed artwork, skull bookends, or a lightbox, the day of the Dead theme is easy to incorporate into your party location. Sugar skulls are super chic, on-trend, and inject just the right amount of color into a neutral space.

You never know; they might creep their way into your everyday style.


Flowers for the occasion


4. Spooky Succulents

Succulents themselves aren’t that frightening, but together with a skull vase, they will tie into the Halloween theme while maintaining a sophisticated style. What’s more, both the vase and the plant will outlive your party. Succulents are durable, easy to maintain, and make the perfect house pet.

5. Staggered Candles

Lighting is important in setting the ambiance of a Halloween party. Never mind adjusting the light dimmer. There’s a lot of opportunities to be creative with your candle choices. Whether you opt for taper candles in antique-style candlestick holders, a mixed cluster of different sizes and shapes, or a group of staggering candles, the options are endless. White- or cream-colored candles will keep to the theme while adding a touch of class.

Add an extra hint of style and have your candles nestled between white or cream flowers and green foliage.

6. Themed Bar Cart

A bar cart is trendy and tasteful to add a big decoration piece into an area while keeping to an uncluttered design style. They create another area for people to mingle and serve drinks at the party while adding another decoration piece to the space.

There’s the option to style it with subtle Halloween décors such as metallic pumpkins or an antique vase with long stem roses or candles. The drinks themselves can even be part of the theme. Think about Bloody Mary or Grave Digger cocktail jugs, or else opt for dark-colored and mysterious-looking flowers.

If these reasons convinced you to decorate your house with dark and neutral flowers on Halloween, consider buying them from Beverly Hills Flower Gallery.

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