Why Flowers Make a Perfect Birthday Gift? Here’s All About Birthday Flowers!

Flowers have the power to bring a smile to the face. So, when looking for a perfect birthday gift, a simple yet meaningful gorgeous designer flower arrangement is a great idea. You don’t always need a grand and luxurious gift to make someone feel special because a fresh bunch of blooms is also enough to express the love and good wishes for the birthday celebrant. Here we have listed a few more reasons to gift flowers on a birthday.

1. Positive Emotions – Flowers lift the mood and spirit quickly and bring immediate happiness. So, when you gift fresh and colorful flowers to someone, it can certainly make their day happier and joyful.

2. Suitable for any Budget – You can easily find a decent-looking flower arrangement within your budget. Also, you can personalize flower gifts according to your preference and budget.

3. Special Meaning – The best thing about flower gifts is that every flower has a unique and special meaning. So, you can choose flowers that best express your emotions.

4. Order Online – If you don’t have time to visit different stores to choose a gift or you want to buy a gift at the last minute, ordering flowers online is an amazing idea. Like Beverly Hills, Flower Gallery can help you with flower delivery in the Beverly Hills area.

    Birthday Flowers

    Guide to Birth Month Flowers 

    If you want to turn your gift into something meaningful, send your loved ones their birthday month flowers. Here’s a birth month flower guide for you –

    1. January – The best flower to gift people born in January is carnation. It is available in all the rainbow colors, like purple, red, yellow, and green. Also, this beautiful flower symbolizes fascination, love, and remembrance.

    2. February – Violet is a gorgeous flower named after its blue-purple color. However, it is also available in yellow, blue, and cream colors. Gift this flower to your February-born friend as it symbolizes modesty, humility, and faithfulness.

    3. March – Daffodils stand for hope, rebirth, and rejuvenation. It is also referred to as trumpet narcissus. It’s the perfect birthday gift for people born in the month of March.

    4. April – The birth flower for anyone born in the month of April is the daisy. It symbolizes purity, new beginnings, and true love. 

    5. May – The sweet-scented bell-shaped woodland flower lily is the May birth flower. It symbolizes sweetness and humility.
    6. June – Though the rose is often associated with romance and love, it is also the official birth flower for June.


    7. July – The water lily, which stands for innocence, hope, and rebirth, is the birth flower for the month of July. Another flower for July born is Larkspur, which symbolizes dignity, grace, and positivity.

    8. August – Gladiolus is the August birth flower that stands for strength, positivity, integrity, and remembrance.

    9. September – Aster is the birth flower of September. This pretty flower symbolizes love, wisdom, and royalty.

    10. October – Marigold is a bright orange color flower that stands for creativity, passion, and courage. It is the October birth flower.

    11. November – Gift a chrysanthemum to your November-born friend because it stands for loyalty, joy, and longevity.

    12. December – Narcissus is the birthday flower for December born, and it symbolizes faithfulness, good wishes, and respect.


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      Wrapping Up

      If you also want to gift something meaningful to your friends and family to show your appreciation and love on their special day, shop the best flowers in Beverly Hills from Beverly Hills Flower Gallery. We’ll help you make their day special and memorable!

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