Things Nobody Tells You about Houseplants

How hard could it be to keep a houseplant alive? (That's the question you ask yourself when you buy your first plant.)

Why didn't anyone tell me how hard it is to keep a houseplant alive? (This is the question you ask yourself two months later.)

We are here to help. Here are six things nobody told you about indoor plants:


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1. Plants Need Babysitters

Do you also treat your plants like babies? Do you care for them too? Then you might need a caretaker for them or a babysitter. Plants can't water themselves. So when you leave town, make sure they're taken care of. Clay pots will gradually release moisture to the roots while you're away. Buy the prettiest houseplants from our collection.

2. Watering Your Plants

Each plant has a different need on how much or how often the plant needs water. If the leaves are turning yellow, the plant is getting too much water. If the leaves are turning brown, not enough water. The watering has to be adjusted to your environment.

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3. A Dead-Looking Plant May Still Be Healthy.

Some houseplants can go dormant for a season, dropping their leaves and dying back. Don't be upset. Give it some time—and take it out of sunlight to a spot where it can get some sleep.

Beverly hills flower gallery4. Houseplant Ailments Can Be Contagious

After using clippers, pruners, or hand trowels, clean them with rubbing alcohol to sterilize them. That way, you'll avoid transferring bacteria from one houseplant to another.

5. Houseplants Would Rather Live Outdoors Than In

After all, there's no such thing as a houseplant—just outdoor plants trained into living indoors in pots. Of course, some will improve indoor conditions better than others, but all plants generally prefer higher humidity levels and increased circulation. So when the weather cooperates, some plants can be brought outside to soak up the fresh air and bathe in the sun.

6. Houseplants Are Allergic To Dust

Unfortunately, the dust that settles on your phone screen also settles on your houseplants and damages the leaves. Dusting the plants can be accomplished with either an Ostrich duster or damp cloth and some patience. The solution is to dust leaves often with a duster, cloth or rinse with a damp sponge. To avoid damaging your plants, cradle a leaf in one hand to support it while wiping or dusting it.


I hope that reduces your fear of being a plant mother/father. Get some houseplants from Beverly Hills Flower Gallery. It will give you mental peace and relax your body.

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