5 Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2022


February is the most wonderful month of the year. Love is in the air and you can feel it everywhere in this beautiful month. Also, the perfect time to celebrate love Valentine’s Day falls on 14th February. Most lovebirds spend this special day together and put special efforts to surprise their sweetheart with special gifts. If you have still not decided what to gift your partner, and you are confused about whether to buy flowers for a special occasion or any other gift item, don’t worry! To make shopping easier for you, here we are listing five amazing gift ideas that you can order from Beverly Hills Flower Gallery to make your partner feel special. So, let’s get started.

1.  Romantic Floral Arrangement 


Even if you send flowers to your sweetheart all-year-round, a lovely floral arrangement on the occasion of Valentine’s Day can brighten up their mood and the day. So, choose a pretty romantic floral arrangement. If you wish, you can include the favorite flowers of your partner. A loving note with the flowers is the cherry on the top. 


2.  Hand Crafted Candles 



Candles are also considered a special gift as they help set a romantic mood. Beautiful, hand-crafted, scented candles are special as they create a soothing and relaxing aura. So, this Valentine’s Day, ditch the usual gift items and buy scented candles that look good and smell good.   


3. Teddy Bear



If you don’t want to gift flowers because they don’t last long, we recommend you another special and cute gift idea, a teddy bear. If you are looking for a gift for your girl, then a soft toy is an amazing idea. Teddy bear is the timeless buddy. Moreover, no one can say no to a cute teddy bear! 


4.  Real Houseplants 



If you are looking for a unique gift, real plants for house decoration are what you should order right away! It is a heartwarming gift symbolizing growth. Apart from it, this gift will enhance the look of your loved one’s residing space. Choose the houseplants that get you in the romantic spirit and gift it to your partner.


5.  Long Stem Red Roses



Last but obviously not least, you can order gorgeous long stem red roses bouquet. It will never disappoint. Red roses are the evergreen gift choice for Valentine’s Day, and it never goes out of style. Red is the color of love, and many people consider giving roses as the tradition of Valentine’s Day. Also, you have the choice to choose various floral arrangements for the red roses. 



The Final Thoughts 

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and it’s the perfect time to buy a special gift for your ‘someone special’. Get ready to celebrate the universal day of love, 14th February, the most romantic day of the year. You can visit Beverly Hills Flower Gallery to order any of the gifts mentioned above. We are the best florist in Beverly Hills, CAand along with flowers, you must explore our ‘add ons’ category to buy more gift items. Let’s celebrate the love!

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