How to Take off Your Indoor Houseplants?

When you have first adopted an indoor house plant, the plant seller may have told you to take care of it as a living being. Plants are living beings, a life. That’s why you often see people using the word ‘adopting’ rather than ‘purchasing’. Now you have become a plant parent or planning to become one. Here are few things that will help you on how to take care of your indoor house plants.

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Indoor Plants


Five Essential Tips to Take Care of Your Indoor Plants

1.  Take care of lighting

Lighting is the food for the plants. You do not provide for them; they will eventually die. Too much light can burn your indoor plant, and too little light will hamper its growth. So you need the right balance of the lighting.

For example, indirect sunlight is the best for your indoor plants. But, each plant has different light requirement. Be sure to pick the plant that fits the lighting in your home. 

2. Provide fertilizer

Fertilizer is there for the growth of the plant. And as same with the water and light, too much of the fertilizer can burn the roots of the plants and stunt their growth. You need to be very accurate while providing fertilizer to the plants. Some plants need once in a year at the right time; some need every three months and so on. Just make sure you do not over-fertilize your plant.

Indoor Plants

3. Water right

It is as simple as that. You have to water your indoor plant right. Overwatering or under watering your indoor plant will lead to the death of the plant. Whichever houseplant you buy, make sure to ask how much and how often the plant needs to be watered. There is no one-stop solution that tells you about the watering requirements. A peace lily enjoys water once a week, whereas a spider may be asking you to water twice or thrice a week.

4. Pruning is good

Yellowing or browning of some parts of the plant will occur. That’s where actual care that requires the time and effort of the plant begins. Prune the yellow or brown part of the plant. Fall is often considered the best time to prune the plant. If your plants are infested by pests or insects, you can spray pesticides and insecticides. You can also cut the overgrown plant, change the pot, or propagate the plant as required.


5. Clean the leaves

Now comes the last part, beautifying the plant. Dirt often accumulates on the surface of the leaves, using an ostrich feather duster will help it stay clean.

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