5 Types of Classic Flower Arrangements You Should Know About

Remember all the occasions and special events where you have seen the floral decoration and bouquets. From weddings to birthdays, valentine day, and corporate events, flowers make every occasion more special. 

Flowers are used in various forms like hanging, centerpiece, wreath, and many more. All of these patterns and styles are known as floral arrangements. 

Floral arrangement is a craft, and it requires special skills to prepare a gorgeous and effortless arrangement. So, if you want a unique, stylish, and pretty floral arrangement, you should only count on the best florist in Beverly Hills

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Before that, if you are not familiar with some classic types of floral arrangements, scroll down to know about them. We have compiled a list of popular floral arrangements. So, let’s get started.  


  1. Fan-shaped flower arrangement – It is a fascinating floral arrangement that looks simple yet mesmerizing. Florists around the world use this classic floral arrangement for decoration purposes. The leaves of the flower are arranged in the shape of a fan. Same or different types of flowers are used to complete the look. Also, some fillers flowers are used to fill the space.
  2. Vertical flower arrangement – Everyone knows about the bouquet and flower basket. Even you may have received or gifted a bouquet to your loved ones. So, this falls under the category of vertical flower arrangement. Same or different flowers are arranged in a vertical form to prepare a bouquet. It is further used as a gift or for decoration purposes. 
  3. Triangular flower arrangement – If you love unique things, you may like the beautiful triangular flower arrangement. Flowers are cut and trimmed in the form of a triangle. The tallest flower stem is used in the center, and other small are flowers are accordingly placed on the sides. 
  4. Oval flower arrangement – In this arrangement brightest and tallest flowers are placed in the center. Also, flowers, stems, and leaves everything is used for the complete look. This arrangement can be placed in a flower basket, bouquet, or bunches. Oval floral arrangement is one of the most elegant arrangements. 
  5. Crescent flower arrangement – Moon and flowers both are known for their beauty. When lovely flowers are arranged in the shape of a flower, it looks gorgeous. Glossy flower wraps, green leaves, and stem fillers are used to create crescent floral arrangements. Curved shape flower stems and flexible stems are best for this type of floral arrangement. 


floral arrangement flowers


The bottom line 

There is a saying, ‘Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine for the soul.’ Flowers look enchanting in every form. They create a visual impact and express unspoken words and feelings beautifully.  

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