A Complete Guide to Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

Expressing your feelings and emotions for a person going through a personal loss is not easy. But, you don’t always have to speak to express your feelings. Sometimes flowers help you speak your heart out. Moreover, sympathy floral baskets or bouquets can be a comforting sight for the grieving family. However, many people find it hard to choose the right flower or gesture to express their sentiments at such sensitive and difficult times. So, in this blog post, we are sharing more about the popular sympathy and funeral arrangement, their meaning, and sending etiquettes.



Sympathy vs. Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers are selected by the close family and friends of the deceased. Usually, wreaths and sprays are used to decorate the casket. On the other hand, sympathy flowers are in the form of smaller bouquets that people send to the grieving family to show their support and sympathy.

Popular Sympathy and Funeral Flower Arrangements 

  • Flower Baskets – It is an arrangement that comes in various shapes and sizes. You can choose flowers according to your choice for the basket.
  • Standing Sprays – This floral arrangement is placed near the casket, and it showcases the message of condolence to honor the deceased. 
  • Casket Sprays – These are available in various styles and colors, and usually, the family of the departed orders it. The arrangement is usually supposed to be put on top of the casket. 
  • Wreaths, Crosses, and Hearts – The sympathy wreaths for funeral represent eternal life, heart-shaped floral arrangement shows love, and crosses are the symbol of faith. 
  • Flowers Bouquets – A group of flowers displayed in a vase or basket is flower bouquets. You can choose some beautiful sympathy flowers according to your choice for a bouquet.


Meaning of Different Flowers 

Below we have listed the popular flowers and their meaning so that you know what flowers you should send to express your feelings. 

  • Lilies – Majesty
  • Hydrangea – Heartfelt emotions 
  • Calla Lily – Purity, Faithfulness
  • Roses – Love, Respect 


Sympathy and Funeral Flower Etiquettes 

  • Be mindful while choosing the flowers and make an informed choice because the funeral is the occasion where flowers express emotions. You can also send a note along with the flowers like ‘Rest in peace’ or ‘You are loved.’
  • Next, you should choose the right floral arrangement. Like if you are sending flowers to a funeral home, choose large, formal standing arrangements, and when you have to send flowers to a person’s home, opt for smaller or mid-sized arrangements. 
  • Most importantly, many cultures, people, and religions don’t consider sympathy flowers appropriate. So, it’s better to ask someone about it before sending the flowers.

Funerals happen in a fast timeline, so often, people don’t get time to go to a florist and buy flowers. However, a local online florist can help you with the right flowers at the right time. Order sympathy flowers from Beverly Hills Flower Gallery and get sympathy bouquets delivered on time. We offer same-day local delivery in the Beverly Hills area. 

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