Different Types of Flower Arrangements to Beautify Special Occasions

Flowers have got a timeless reputation of being people pleasers and mood uplifters. Human beings have an unsaid but beautiful bond with flowers. They are emblems of different human emotions like love, gratitude, sympathy, sorrow etc. and give way to express human emotions most subtly. 

The obsession of human beings with flowers can be seen on special occasions. Flowers have an evergreen and the strongest presence on these occasions with the purpose to transform a lifeless place into a fresh and vibrant place. Not only that, in many cultures flowers are considered highly auspicious.

When it comes to flower decorations then how can flower arrangements remain unmentioned? A fascinating flower arrangement is perfect to amplify and accentuate the welcome setting of any place. The florist shops in Los Angeles, CA are perfect witnesses to the popularity of flower arrangements for different occasions.

Let us have a glance at the different flower arrangements.

  • Elliptical Flower Arrangement

Under this flower arrangement, flowers are placed and arranged like an ellipse. The flowers which are used for this purpose are roses, sunflowers, lotus, tuberoses, lilies and many more. Only the vibrant flowers make an entry into this arrangement. This type of arrangement is usually there for birthdays, weddings and other parties.

This flower arrangement is perfect for upgrading the feel of the special occasion.


  • Vertical Flower Arrangement

Vertical flower arrangement is in demand for bouquets as well as flower baskets. An amalgamation of different flowers with various colors and shapes are used for these arrangements. All flower lovers cherish this type of arrangement. It is the top choice of florists and customers all over the world.


  • Horizontal Flower Arrangement

In this flower arrangement, distinct colours of flowers are arranged in rows or on a zig-zag basis. Mainly, the flowers with a strong fragrance are used for this arrangement. This is a popular arrangement all over the globe.


  • Triangular Flowers

As the name suggests, this flower arrangement is triangular in shape. The flower bunch is cut and trimmed in a triangular shape. It has a big flower in the middle which beautifies the flower arrangement. Glossy and transparent cellophane papers are used to arrange these flowers.


  • The Crescent Flower Arrangement

Crescent flower arrangement is also known as the ‘C’ type of flower arrangement. In this arrangement, freshly plucked flowers accompanied by green leaves and stem fillers are used in a flower basket arrangement. This type of arrangement looks breathtaking to the beholders. Flowers are tied with silk, satin and other beautiful ribbons.


  • The ‘S’ Shaped Flower Arrangement

This flower arrangement has the shape ‘S’. This arrangement is in the form of flower bouquets and baskets. They are heavy and are perfect to be presented on any occasion. What makes this arrangement more appealing is the green leaves which perfectly complements this arrangement.


  • Flower Arrangement With Oval Shape

The flowers arranged in oval shape are a sight to behold and leave people mesmerised. The flowers, leaves and green stems are cut and trimmed in an oval shape and are placed in different flower arrangements like baskets, bunches and bouquets. This arrangement is very much popular for interior decoration purposes and for ceremony hall decoration purposes.


Overall, these flower arrangements are the most sought-after and are readily available with the florists in Los Angeles, CA. so for your next special occasion embellish your occasion with these arrangements.
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