Awe-Inspiring Floral Wedding Trends for 2021

As soon as someone utters the word 'wedding,' all we visualize is the stunning bride and groom, broad smiling faces, eye-catching outfits, scrumptious food, and mesmerizing floral decorations

What makes a wedding more significant is the vibrant floral decorations. Can we envisage any wedding without floral decorations? A big no! The wedding trends rise and fall, but flowers have an everlasting presence in weddings. 

The decorations with mixed floral arrangements in the wedding are enough to cherish your moods; the sweet fragrances cheer you up. The captivating beauty of flowers amazes you and shifts you to some other beautiful world. 

But do not stick to redundant floral décor ideas when it comes to wedding decoration. The new age calls for new floral trends.   

So let's delve into new age floral trends for 2021, which you must implement at your wedding to have a wedding space that will leave everyone awestruck. 

Floral Arches 

What can be better than creating arches when you want to make a statement with floral? A floral arch is a show-stopping installation. Make sure you talk to your florist and wedding designers to ensure they are well acquainted with your wedding venue so that they can create an arch design that is perfect to compliment your space. 

Statement Bouquets 

A statement bouquet does not have to be considerable in size. It demands your careful selection of suitable blooms and has them arranged in a way to reflect your personality, bridal style, and venue. The classic round bouquet and asymmetric designs are making a popular comeback in 2021. 

Color Palettes to Die for 

Vibrant colors will be greeted this year. Everyone wants to have an uplifting and fun vibe for the 2021 party. What will stand out this year is the amalgamation of bold and soft shade, so let your florist play with loosely structured shapes for your arrangements to give it a fresh and whimsical look. Vibrant colors will make your guest cheerful and will let them enjoy the event to the fullest. 

Style Play 

Want to create an incredible floral story to make your wedding memorable? Then go for the two contrasting styles and bring them together. For instance, you can make the combination of boho and glam, which will be a perfect match. Be creative with the décor and have a custom vibe for you. 

Elopement Installation 

Many couples these days tend to make their wedding teeny tiny and look at it as a way to add an extraordinary element to their special day, so they come up with the idea of styling their ceremony space with floral installation. If you miss this installation and then there is no chance of incredible photos. 

Sunny Days are All Here. 

With all other flower combinations, keep a corner for sunny yellow, which brightens your spirit and is an ideal mood maker. Though the sunny day's idea is quite demanding in craftsmanship but make sure you add this beautiful color in your wedding too to make your wedding venue radiate perfectly. 

The Bottom Line 

Do follow the trends mentioned above in 2021 and get ready to create a wedding venue worth cherishing for lifetimes. Embark on a beautiful journey of your life with the sweet fragrances of flowers.  

Today we have options in abundance to order different flower arrangements and rose delivery in Los Angeles at the comfort of home but make sure you rely on a florist who invests personally in your wedding decorations and has similar taste as you. 

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