Wedding Flower Arrangements-Signature Piece to Capture Brides & Groom Desired Look

Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burbank


Wedding dress check! 

Wedding photographer hired! Your favorite band booked! Wait, you are missing out on one of the most important aspects of the wedding. Yes, we are talking about wedding flower decoration.

Everyone is holding their breath for a glimpse of the beautiful bride. Now, how do you plan to woo the groom and guests? It’s the flower arrangements for the wedding that makes the D-day even more memorable.

Imagine this, the bride entering the wedding venue amidst the fresh flowers whose fragrance lights up the ambiance. For a fabulous bridal entry, nothing can be better than beautiful flower arrangements. 


Well, you can't imagine a wedding ceremony or a reception without fresh blossoms of a variety of flowers lining the ceremony aisle or placed around the reception hall at the wedding venue.

There is something about the aroma and scintillating visuals of floral arrangements that makes them perfect for all weddings. The wedding flower arrangement is an area where you can explore your tastes and demonstrate creativity. With the right guide, you can add beautiful accents to your wedding while staying within budget.


Most Popular Wedding Flower Arrangements to make your D-Day Special


Bridal Bouquet

If you are a to-be bride, the first flower arrangement you should be looking for is a wedding bouquet. The colours, texture, and choice of flowers play a crucial role in making your wedding day amazing. Your bridal bouquet will hold all elements that you will find in other floral arrangements. You should provide guidelines to the florist for designing the bridal bouquet as per your style and requirement.


Reception Centerpieces

When it comes to wedding reception décor, all the eyes will be on the table centerpieces. Your reception centerpiece must incorporate decorative accessories, so dawn the creative hat and let your creativity flow. Spend time in selecting the pretty centerpieces arrangements available at Beverly Hills Flower Gallery. We have the best flower arrangements for you that will make your reception centerpiece stand out.


Look Like a Princess In a Flower Crown

Yes, it's tacky to wear a flower crown on your D-day. Some of the popular flower crowns you can opt for include three-quarter ones tied with satin ribbons or the full floral crowns. Trust us; crowns are a great substitute or addition to bridesmaids or bridal bouquets. Being said that, not all flower crowns are suitable for brides. Some of the popular ones include hydrangeas, early spring Helleborus, soft-stemmed flowers that look their best for a few minutes after taking them out of water.


Wedding Ceremony Flower Decoration

What’s the first thing guests see when they enter the wedding hall? It's how well decorated your wedding hall is that creates a long-lasting impression on guests. It's not the expensive chandeliers, not that wedding décor that enhances the wedding venue. It's the beautiful flower decoration that overpowers the rest of the wedding décor. When you decorate the venue with fresh flowers, make sure the flowers match your wedding style or theme. For instance, if you marry in a small church, think about the pews and how flowers can bring them to life. On the other hand, if you marry in an extravagant church, make sure the ceremony flower doesn't overpower the scene. Consult Beverly Hills Flower Gallery, your local florist shop in Los Angles, to know which floral arrangement will look the best on your wedding day.


Love for the bridesmaid

Wedding is not only about the bride and the groom. We can't talk about weddings without mentioning bridesmaids. Like the bride flowers, bridesmaid bouquets must feature flowers of a variety of colours and styles. Create a unique look for your bridesmaid, or follow a bridal bouquet look with a smaller size.


Now that you have got an insight into the best wedding flower arrangements for your D-day, it’s time to explore our unique flower arrangements and choose the one that matches your wedding theme.

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