How to Dress Up Your Thanksgiving Table with Flower Arrangements?

Flowers are an excellent choice for a Thanksgiving centerpiece if you want to dress up your table. You don't have to be an expert on flowers to arrange them beautifully. Combine found objects, pine cones, leaves, or other decorative items to create a designer floral arrangement for your guests. Subtle tone-on-tone colors provide a soothing neutral palette, while pastel shades or bold reds add an unexpected pop of color.

designer floral arrangement


1. Deep Colors - Choose deep red and maroon florals accented with greenery and seasonal fruits such as green apples or pomegranates. Then, add contrast with coastal-inspired settings like wicker and blue-and-white.

2. Play with a Pumpkin - Place neutral-colored blooms in a faux pumpkin vase to create an instant Thanksgiving centerpiece.

3. Rustic Glam - Add a touch of glam to a casual table setting by filling galvanized buckets with mums, anemones, and other flowers in subdued colors. The copper mugs and flatware make for a stunning contrast!

4. Paint Fruit - Paint your fruits gold and scatter them around your tabletop Thanksgiving flowers for a little high-shine glam. Then, for a unified look, pair them with metallic flatware.

5. Flowers and Fruits - Display them in an eye-catching container, such as this rustic bowl filled with pretty fresh fruit nestled on a bed of moss. Then, here and there, tuck in a few flowers. Immediately endearing!

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6. Individual Bud Vases - Placing a single bud vase by each place setting is a simple yet elegant way to decorate your Thanksgiving table.

7. Scatter Your Stems - Instead of bringing the drama with height in a tall vase, set a more relaxed mood by scattering stemmed florals across a center runner. A vibrant orange runner is also a great choice for a fall floral arrangement on a Thanksgiving table.

8. Make a Statement with a Tall Vase - Keep it simple and seasonal by arranging some fall stems in a vase. They look even better when paired with effortlessly elegant linens.

9. Finish with a Daring Color - Make the most of autumn's darker hues with a bouquet of varying shades of burgundy in a simple white ceramic vase.

10. Monochromatic Beauty - This arrangement is set off by two different types of mums in similar muted shades. The use of a clear glass vase does not detract from the vase's elegant simplicity.

beautiful flower bouquets


11. Candles and Eucalyptus - Line the center of your table with sprigs of seeded eucalyptus. Just a few candles and a few bright red apples, and you're done!

12. Bright, Bold, and Beautiful - Use bold florals in an unexpected color palette of bright orange, pink, and yellow. A few succulents spruce up the look.

13. Citrus Accents - For a more modern and dramatic Thanksgiving table, sprawling stems frame the space, followed by bright orange citrus in a brass pedestal bowl.

14. Sunny Sunflower Arrangement - Arrange sunflowers in a real pumpkin, and this traditional summer flower is ready for Thanksgiving. To finish the look, add sleek cattails and other seasonal flowers like roses and mums.

15. Arrange Berries and Leaves - Real or faux leaves and berries dress up a crystal pedestal vase in the center of the table, while beautiful flower bouquets on each place greet guests. A small autumn-toned sunflower is shown here, but a spider mum or single rose could be substituted.

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