Things to Consider While Choosing Sympathy Wreath Flowers in Beverly Hills

Have you ever wondered about sending sympathy wreath flowers for condolence?  If so, wreath flowers are a beautiful way of service to show support and sympathy for a comforting sight of the grieving family.

When someone dies, one must send sympathy flowers with a condolence message to let family and friends know that you are thinking of them. Condolence messages are rarely easy, and finding the right words can be tough. Most of the well-chosen words are all that is needed, but sometimes we worry about what to write in it. The message must include phrases and verses of remembrance in the card and the flower to show sympathy.

Wreaths graced with beautiful flowers can help you hand in your condolences and show your respect to the dear departed. Moreover, Beverly Hills Flower Gallery is considered one of the best florists in Beverly Hills, CA, where you can get top-quality flowers at reasonable prices. Here are the main things to keep in mind while selecting suitable wreath flowers.


  • Color and type of flowers

Funerals are a devotional matter. People frequently prefer muted colors such as white and cream for sympathy wreaths. However, if the deceased had a favorite color or happened to enjoy colorful flowers, then the wreath should reflect that. Typical flowers used in sympathy arrangements are like lilies, roses, lisianthus, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, etc.

  • Style of arrangement

The arrangement depends on the taste of the grieving family, the nature of the familiarity with the sender, or the religious identity of the deceased. There are few options like a standing spray, wreath, cross or sympathy basket that would be appropriate to send. The style of bloom arrangement depends on the unique identity of the bereaved family.


  • Condolence message

A particular choice of sending wreath flowers is not enough to convey your condolence. A concise and sensitive note must accompany a wreath for sympathetically expressing your grief. An online florist might help you add an emotional note with a thoughtful message to capture the sorrow of the occasion and to demonstrate respect for the departed person with the floral arrangement.

  • Location to send flowers

The location of the funeral will determine the time it will take to deliver the wreath and should arrive at least an hour before the service starts. It's a good idea to check for a nearby reliable online florist, who can provide you with same-day delivery services. So, that flower can stay fresh till it reaches the destination place to capture the essence of your grief.


Meaning of Different Flowers

Below we have listed the popular flowers and their meaning so that you know what flowers you should send to express your feelings.

  • Lilies – Majesty
  • Hydrangea – Heartfelt emotions
  • Carnations – Fascination/Love
  • Peace Lilies – Peace
  • Roses – Love, Respect
  • Hyacinth – sorrow, regret
  • Chrysanthemum – as a symbol of death
  • Forget-me-not – remembrance
  • Gladiolus – strength

 When to send Condolence wreaths?

Condolence flowers and cards are usually sent when you hear the news of the death. But, you can send the sympathy flowers over a few weeks after the funeral to express your grief to the family.

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