Flowers for Friends: Here’s All You Need to Know

“Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend” – Bill Watterson.

Friendship refreshes the soul and brightens the day. We all have a special BFF in our life who knows us better than anyone else. But, often, we forget to thank such friends for their presence in our life. You should not wait for special occasions like Friendship Day to express your love for your friends. Rather send them a designer floral arrangement any time of the year to express what they mean to you. In this blog post, we’ll share when, how, and which flowers you should send your pals to make them feel special. So, let’s get started.





Occasions to Send Flowers to Friends

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to see a calendar to decide a day to send flowers to your friends. You can surprise them anytime and anywhere. But, if you are still confused, here we are listing a few occasions (apart from the birthday, anniversary, and friendship day) when you can send flowers for your friends.


  • New Job or Promotion – If your friend has got a new job or promotion, you can send flowers with a congratulation message. Tell your friends that they deserve it, and you are proud of their achievement.
  • Sickness – A true friend is someone who is there in both good times and, more importantly, in the bad times. So, if your friend is not feeling well, brighten their day by sending cheerful flowers.
  • New Home – We all know that owning a new home or moving into a new home is a great feeling with mixed emotions. Show your support and love to your friend with a bouquet.
  • After Breakup – Separation is painful. It is not possible to erase the pain, but you can make your friends feel better after their break up with fresh flowers. 



Imagine your friend opening the door and smiling after receiving a mixed floral arrangement as a surprise from your side. It feels great, right? So, the smile on your friend’s face is the biggest reason to send them lovely flowers.


Top Flowers for Friends 

You might take advice from your special friend for all things you do in life, but when it is about sending flowers to that friend, it’s maybe hard to make a decision. So, we are here to help you.

  • Yellow Roses – Yellow roses are known for friendship, happiness, and a new beginning. So, it is a great choice to surprise your friend. 
  • Sunflowers – One of the most cheerful flowers symbolizing loyalty, sunflowers can brighten up the mood of your BFF. 
  • Chrysanthemums – Also known as mums, this flower symbolizes optimism, joy, longevity, and well-wishes. It comes in various colors, and your friend will love them. 

Apart from these lovely flowers, you can also send other blooms like Alstroemeria, pink tulip, Daffodil, Zinnia, or any of the favorite flowers of your friend.




Shop Fresh Flowers for your Friend 

Now, you know how flowers can strengthen your bond with your friends and make them feel special. So, get in touch with Beverly Hills Flower Gallery, one of the best florists in Beverly Hills, CA, and order top-quality, fresh flowers for your friends. Bring a smile to your friend’s face!

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