Things You Cannot Afford To Miss before Sending Flowers as Gifts

Giving flowers might be conventional but indeed a beautiful idea. Flowers are very fragile, attractive, and the best way to express your emotions.

Presenting flowers as a gift is as meaningful and convivial today as in the retro days; the reason is people forever are in awe of nature and its lovely creation- flowers.

Do you also wish to send flowers to your loved one or some of your acquaintances on the eve of their birthday, anniversary, or any other event?

If yes, then you must be enchanted with the beauty of flowers. However, you need to consider few things before sending flowers.

It's best to be armed with essential facts when you want to send flowers for special occasions as a gift.

Read on further to get some interesting details.

Suitable Occasion

Not every flower suits every occasion, so you cannot make your choice randomly. You should be cognizant of the fact that different flowers are symbolic of different things. By sending the wrong flower, you do not want to send along the wrong idea.

There is more common sense to apply here as you cannot give a black rose to your loved one or a happy and vibrant boutique to a grieving family.

Send Flowers In A Timely Manner

It's important that you send flowers or mixed floral arrangements in a timely manner. Sending flowers too early or too late is not a good idea. Make sure to send flowers within a week or so as per the occasion.

Tip: Do not forget to send a short note so that the recipient knows who has sent the flowers. Do not leave room for the receiver to keep on guessing about the sender. Moreover, a note makes it much more personal and shows you care. 

Make Sure You Know The Culture Of The Receiver

It's important to consider the culture of the receiver, especially when sending flowers during a funeral or a wedding. Some of the cultures and faiths may have altogether different notions and approaches towards flowers. For instance, if we consider the Jewish faith, burials happen within 24 hours of death, so people do not send flowers to the funeral home.

In most cultures, white flowers are accepted for a funeral, but red flowers are inappropriate.

Protocols For Sympathy And Get Well Flowers

If you want to send sympathy flowers, you have a choice to send them a flower arrangement directly to the service or you can send them an Orchid plant(s) to their home. Most choose to send the flowers to the service. In case a family wants donations rather than flowers, then you will respect their wishes and not send them.

For the funeral, you should choose flowers with more subdued colours- lilies are a good choice. As for the hospitals, sending non-fragrant flowers are best such as tulips or a mixed flower arrangement.

Etiquette For Romantic Flowers 

The red roses are nowhere to go, but if you want to go out of the box, then you might consider other types of flowers too that they adore. Peonies, tulips and lisianthus are great choices if you want to experiment with other flowers. There is always the rose’s delivery in Los Angeles for your loved one.

The Bottom Lines

We hope this guide has assisted you in having an excellent flower gifting experience. Make sure you implement the above-mentioned tips to ensure a smooth transaction.

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