Why Choose a Professional Florist Over a Street Vendor?

Subjectivity is what makes humans complex. You have a street vendor on one side and a professional florist on the other. For the uninformed, both sell flowers, but there is a difference. And that difference can be easily recognized when you see a flower arrangement created by a professional florist and a street vendor. In this post, we will give you five reasons why you should choose a professional florist in Beverly Hills over a street vendor.



Create a perfect arrangement

Perfect flower arrangements are not created by accident. A professional florist has the knowledge and understanding to create a perfect flower arrangement for the occasion. Expert floral designers consider a variety of factors such as the number of flowers, overall theme, greenery, and scale to pull off a perfect flower arrangement for the occasion. The knowledge and experience gained after many trial and error attempts for years of being in the business help them create reasonable flower arrangements for the occasion.          

Do the hard work  

If you need flower arrangements for an event, you need to do the laborious work of installing them at the right location. A professional florist has the skills, tools, and workforce to make it happen. A street vendor may arrange the same for you, but florists are specialists. They plan for weeks ahead to prepare for each event to make sure all of the details are perfect.


Make flowers look fresh

If you have ever wondered why a certain flower arrangement looks vibrant and another is not so attractive, well, there is a science to make flowers look fresh. A professional florist knows flowers and knows how to prepare them and keep them fresh for events. They carefully hydrate and process the flowers for special occasions and ensure their longevity on the event day.  

Packaging and delivery

Flower packing and delivery play a big role. A professional florist uses special packaging and delivery methods to make sure flowers are not damaged during the delivery. Not just that, most professional florists in Beverly Hills provide you with home delivery services. You do not have to make trips to the flower shop to pick the flowers.




Offer solutions within the budget

There are flower arrangements for every budget. From economic to premium, your florist can create a designer flower arrangement in the available budget without compromising on the design. They have a vast knowledge of flowers and use fresh seasonal flowers to create authentic flower arrangements on an available budget. If you choose flowers that are not at their peak blooming season, you have to pay a higher price for those gorgeous blooms. The florist guides you to choose flowers that will be at their peak blooming for the time of your event.

Why choose Beverly Hills Flower Gallery?

Beverly Hills Flower Gallery is a professional florist that has over a decade of experience in creating premium floral arrangements for parties, events, and corporate accounts of any size. We use the freshest available flowers and provide free same-day local delivery in the Beverly Hills area. Check out our collection.

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